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:iconlaze-a: wanted 8 facts about my Moroccan. So here they are, but first...

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1. Aya's family is part of the 1% of the population that practices Christianity in Morocco. That means that Aya was raised Christian and not Muslim. That's why she eats things like pork and have partook in the rare (but still) drink. However, if you asked her, she would say she is nonpracticing. She figured the whole point of Christianity was the be a good person. There was no point to having a label to do that.

2. Aya's naive nature is due to her isolation from the outside world while training. While it was self-imposed, in a way, she didn't realize just how badly it messed with her socialization skills until after it was already in effect. It's not so much a child-like innocence than it is just not having the necessary knowledge. She's been working on it, and would appreciate the help from any agent willing to look past it.

3. She is a massive virgin. She had never been kissed, in a relationship, or don anything sexual to herself or with others. That is by choice. She wants to do so with someone she either highly trusts or greatly loves, the latter more than the former. Despite this fact, nudity doesn't bother her much. While she may blush and look away, it's only because even she will admit she has attractions to the human body. She'll only freak out about nudity if it being used flirtatiously. Her and flirting are awkward friends, and she will get extremely flustered about it. It's the difference between 'Sorry for walking in on your shower' and 'changing in front of her after flirting all night' (Eon >_>).

4. Aya speaks three different Languages: Arabic, French and English. Arabic is her native tongue. French was taught to her by her father from the time she was little to the time she left to train. Her English is learned from hearing other people speak, the Internet and books, which explains why it sounds so broken. She's doing her best and it gets a little better as time goes by.

5. Aya has a wonderful relationship with her parents and older brother. Her mother and Father will call her on occasion to check up on her. Her Father will also send her money when he can, which she saves up. Her brother, Arib, is still close to her and calls her a bit more often to tell her about his own endeavors and hear about her own, at least what she can speak of. She gets nervous when she doesn't hear from them for long periods of time, but is relieved to hear it was just a family vacation or a business trip that was keeping them.

6. While she is relatively happy and very sociable, there is a darker side to Aya. She was taught to live live with courage, strength and honour. She was also told that the people she serves are more important than herself. Her Masters in her future always comes first and danger must NEVER befall them. If it does and she does not stop it or prevent it, she is a failure. A failure is means Dishonour. Dishonour means SHAME. A shamed Warrior is a useless one. She's not spoken a word of these teachings, even though she desperately wants to. She isn't sure anyone would understand.

7. Aya's voice is heavily accented and is just high enough that she sound like an excitable kid sometimes, but low enough that if she drags out a word while talking it shows just how old she actually is. She tends to talk faster when she is excited, and causes her voice to go up an octave, but when talking normally, it's in the higher edges of the midtone range. If she is tired or irritated, she tends to drop and octave and gets exceptionally growly or grumbles.

8. Aya's hair is actually long, straight and naturally layered. The only reason she curls it is because it looks good. If she happens to just feel lazy one day, or doesn't have the tools to do so, she won't curl her hair and will walk around with her natural hair. That long strand of hair that runs down the middle of her face is just hair that she has not cut, and doesn't plan to unless it gets too long.


9. Aya has a crush on Dio. She's told him and was turned down. It doesn't bother her any. She mainly told him because she just wanted him to know and to get it off her chest. She told Dio that she wasn't going to force anything or pursue it in anyway, though should he even feel the same, she would welcome the reciprocation. As of now, she is just really protective of him and doesn't want anyone getting too close that doesn't seem worthy of this precious flower's romantic attentions. She wants him to be with someone smart, funny, kind, and respectful. All those things she is not, but someone has to be. Granted in the end, she knows she can't choose his lover, just like he can't choose hers, so she isn't going to try to control his love life. Currently she is open to a relationship, winning her affections however will be the hard part.


I tag 
:icontaintedkings: Diego
:iconarishoo: Dahlia (if you haven't yet)


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